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Viggo's a famous Argentinian

. . .even more popular than Eva Peron!

"Posted on Thu, Aug. 19, 2004
Country of the day: Argentina
Knight Ridder Newspapers

(KRT) - _Population: 38,740,807.

_Location: In South America, where it is the second-largest country
after Brazil.

_Area: 1,106,756 square miles, slightly less than three-tenths the
size of the United States.

_National anthem: Oid, Mortales.

_Top medal contenders: The men's basketball team should be in medal
contention with San Antonio Spurs guard Emanuel Ginobili. Argentina
defeated the United States at the 2002 World Championships. The
women's field hockey team won the silver at the 2000 Games. Tennis
player David Nalbandian could challenge for a medal as can the men's
beach volleyball duo of Mariano Baracetti and Martin Conde.

_Top athletes in history: Argentina has not had an Olympic champion
since 1952. The men's soccer team has won two silver medals, the most
recent in 1996. Soccer player Diego Maradona is one of the country's
top athletes.

_Country's favorite sports: Soccer, tennis, skiing, white-water

_Famous Argentinians: Viggo Mortensen, Gabriel Batistuta, Diego
Maradona, Gabriela Sabatini, Juan Manuel Fangio, Emanuel Ginobili,
Juan Peron and Eva Peron.
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